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  • Place a card on the auction house with the "Buy Now" or "Buy it Now" price listed for the amount you wish to purchase.

  • Create your order on our site.

  • We will buy your card off of the auction house, thus adding the coins to your account.

Customer Testimonials

"I've worked with the guys at DMC on several occasions in both Madden and 2k. They have been extremely easy to work with and give great deals. I always recommend them to people and they come back with full satisfaction. They have my vouch."

Jeffrey Block, Ex-Marine

"The DMC guys come from the gaming community! I've known & worked with them on many occasions. I take vouching for anyone extremely seriously because I would never attach my name to something I didn't believe in. DMC is legit & I'm happy to attach my name to them!"

Eric Garza, Competitive Gamer & MUT Veteran

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